Unless you are familiar with the notes of Archdeacon Irons it is recommended that you read the introduction before accessing any of the village notes. The index below has two files for each village, the first file contains his hand written notes, the second file is a transcription by members of the Rutland Village Studies Group; draft versions have a red watermark. Those items in the index “Original Notes” list coloured Grey are where we do not have the original files, or, they are included with another location. Those in the Transcription list coloured Red are where draft transcriptions are not yet available. Transcribed text may be colour coded click here to download the key, hopefully this should clarify the Archdeacons Irons shorthand. Having both files available gives you the opportunity to suggest alternatives or make corrections, please click here to email the team. Index An Introduction by Dr Andrew Hopper - Centre for English Local History - University of Leicester The Original Notes Transcription
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