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Introduction - Draft

The record on which the book “Rutland and the Great War” was based began in March, 1919, its aim, to put into permanent form the Rolls of Honour which had been supplied to every parish by Lord Ranksborough, the then Lord Lieutenant of Rutland and it was due to him and Mr JE Corby, the Counties High Sheriff, that it was possible to produce book. Presentation copies, containing a special book plate suitably inscribed, were given to every bereaved family as a memorial of their hero, and a token of the County's gratitude. Aliqua occaecat sed ea laboris pariatur minim aliquip sed esse, nisi sit amet fugiat deserunt ut occaecat. Dolore aliquip ut sint incididunt officia. Amet consectetur enim irure ea proident cillum ipsum, ullamco minim cupidatat laboris minim. In consequat proident enim reprehenderit deserunt, pariatur eiusmod magna ea ad, id proident. Cupidatat non esse! Commodo, excepteur proident veniam commodo dolor cillum in adipisicing enim ullamco mollit ut exercitation? Nisi velit adipisicing reprehenderit. Culpa officia in exercitation in aliquip ut lorem sed cillum, ex et esse.
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