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It is hoped to include this article in Rutland Record 31, to be published at the end of 2011. It is one of three articles which the author is preparing following many years of research, the other two being detailed accounts of Leighfield Forest (for which there is only a brief entry here) and of other aspects of Rutland’s woods and parks. The draft of the current article is placed on the Society’s website on limited access, so that those who have access to it can, if they wish, add their comments – as a form of peer reviewing – before final editorial comment is relayed to the author. Preliminary comments which the editor has already made have mostly been taken account of in this draft. Three maps intended to accompany the article are available as individual files. The editor would be grateful for: Any corrections of fact; Any comments about the introductory or other discursive sections; Any amplification of references; Any new information which can add to the entries for individual woodlands (bearing in mind that in general it is the earliest references to each woodland that the author has given); here, anything that can provide new information about the location, ownership, extent or composition of any of these woods will be welcome; Any typographical errors not already corrected.
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Procedure: It is suggested that if you have anything to submit about this article, you download it as a document and highlight the relevant sentence or entry, and then insert your comment in red either at that point or as a note at the end. Save the amended document under a new title incorporating your name (eg Medieval Woodlands Clough), and email it to Please will you let me have any comments by 1st March 2011. They will be gratefully received. Tim Clough - Honorary Editor