Rutland Water Project - 9
Researching Rutland Registered Charity No 700273
Rutland Local History & Record Society
Another way of involving the community has been to devise a competition for school children. The Prince Yuri Galitzine Prize was offered for the best project on the reservoir and its surrounding area, which encouraged children to do some basic research and to talk to their grandparents and neighbours about the impact of Rutland Water. The paintings portray Ivydene Farm at Nether Hambleton and Nether Hambleton before and after Rutland Water.   All the landscaping round the reservoir has been very carefully and sympathetically designed, not least the dam wall which is hardly noticeable from Empingham, the nearest village. Information provided by the 32 entries from 53 children has been a very valuable contribution to our project.
Ivydene Farm Nether Hambleton before Rutland Water
Nether Hambleton after construction of Rutland Water
Paintings of Nether Hambleton by Megan & Jeffrey aged 10