2013 Programme Researching Rutland	Registered Charity No 700273 Rutland Local History & Record Society
worked on - mostly cleaning, flattening and paper repairs. Wednesday April 17th 7.30 pm Rutland County Museum George Finch, 9th Earl of Winchilsea and 4th Earl of Nottingham - Paul Reeve George Finch (1752-1826) was the last earl to live at Burley on the Hill, Rutland, a man prominent in Rutland and on the national stage. The talk will outline key phases of his life including active service in the American War of Independence, a close association with the household and family of George III, a fondness for sport, particularly cricket. His wide ranging interest in agriculture will also be explored. Wednesday May 15th 7.30 pm Oakham Castle RLHRS AGM Followed by Hall and Chambers: Recent Research at Oakham Castle - Nick Hill Details will follow Wednesday June 19th 7.30 pm Rutland County Museum The Secret Lives of Seventeenth Century Farmers - Hilary Crowden It involves nothing about farming, but involves walking down a lane in Seaton and finding treason, torture, faith; fame; fortune; regicide; suicide; mysteries and strange goings on. All of which were never supposed to be associated with a village where nothing important ever happened.....allegedly. It shall involve an excursion across the fields to Thorpe. Wednesday July 17th 7.30 pm Rutland County Museum Lyddington Manor Project - Rosemary Canadine Details will follow Saturday August 10th 7.30 pm Oakham Castle The Tennants Lecture On the Coat Tales of Lord Elgin - Collecting the Grand Tour - Marc Allum Marc Allum takes a personal look at the history of the Grand Tour, it's influence on fashion and architecture in Britain and the world of collecting Grand Tour souvenirs. There will be a charge for this meeting. Refreshments will be served after the talk. Please check website for details. Saturday September 7th The Village Visit - 1.00pm Preston Village Hall Village Visit to Preston Talks, display, guided village walk and refreshments. Our visit this year is to Preston and the venue will be the Village Hall in Main Street. The programme will start at 1pm with a continuous on-screen presentation highlighting some of the interesting aspects of Preston’s local history. This will be followed at 2pm with Archaeology in the Easement; Matt Beamish will describe archaeological discoveries made during the construction of the Wing to Whatborough pipeline in the parishes of Launde, Ridlington and Preston. At 3pm Nick Hill will present the architectural development of Historic Preston Buildings; A Leaflet Guided Historical Walk round Preston Village will be available. Download full details and application form. Wednesday September 18th 7.30 pm Oakham Castle Recent Landscape Studies - Stewart Ainsworth Stewart was formerly a senior investigator and project manager with English Heritage and is well known as the landscape archaeologist with Channel Four's Time Team. He was a member of the team that worked at Oakham Castle in 2012. More to follow Wednesday October 16th 7.30 pm Rutland County Museum Bypassing History - Philippa Massey Transport in and through the local area over the ages. Philippa looks at what effect the infrastructure has had on how we have travelled and carried goods, on the Great North Road and more local roads. Wednesday November 20th 7.30 pm Rutland County Museum Landscape History and the Unmaking of the English Landscape - Dr Richard Jones Is a growing awareness of the historical component of the English landscape and appreciation of its intrinsic cultural value threatening the future of the countryside?  This paper argues that if we do not learn the correct lessons that the history of the English countryside teaches, we will be condemning it to an early and avoidable death.  For those wedded to notions of conservation and preservation for conservation and preservation's sake the conclusions that it draws may make for uncomfortable listening. Richard is Senior Lecturer in Landscape History at the University of Leicester The events programme for 2014 will be available shortly
Thursday January 17th 7.30 pm Oakham Castle 'George Phillips and Tony Traylen Built Environment Awards: Presented by Tim Clough and followed by Strategic Stone Study - Carole Bancroft-Turner and Debbie Frearson English Heritage and the British Geological Survey commissioned the nationwide Strategic Stone study in order to identify the most significant building stones used in the past, map where they came from and suggest potential alternative sources. The Rutland element of the Strategic Stone Study was carried out by two local archaeologists who will discuss the aims, procedures and results of the project, along with anecdotes of the time they spent as English Heritage contractors working in Rutland. Wednesday February 20th 7.30 pm Rutland County Museum Rutland & Beyond, Tales of the Cheselden family Freda Smithson and Linda Lester For centuries branches of the Cheselden family lived in various Rutland locations or close by in neighbouring counties, whilst individuals travelled to London or America. We talk about some of these men and women through the ages. Wednesday March 20th 7.00 pm Rutland County Museum Friends AGM  Followed by: Archive Conservation - Karenna Fry Karenna's  talk will show the general idea of the kinds of materials that she works with - books, plans, maps, seals, vellum, parchment, paper, photographs of all kinds (35mm slides, glass plates, acetate, paper and plastic prints). The do's and don'ts. She will also show some before and after images of Exton papers that she has
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