Programme 2011 - 2012 Researching Rutland	Registered Charity No 700273 Rutland Local History & Record Society
Wednesday January 18th 7.30 pm Rutland County Museum Rutland Bridleways - Vicky Allen and Professor Roger Linford What bridleways are and when they started : why LRBA was founded and what it does - it is one of the most active in the UK and helped to sponsor the Round Rutland Ride (a 4 day event both in 2006 and 2010) and supported the Round Leicestershire ride (about 12 days spread over 2007 - 2009) : the archival record of bridleways : the law behind bridleways : special features of Rutland bridleways - e.g. Wymondham parish boundary : Bridleways lost when Cottesmore airfield, Rutland Water and Ketton Quarry were created - and how they might be recovered : how to recover lost national routes. Wednesday February 15th 7.30 pm Rutland County Museum The History of the King James Bible: 1611 - 2011 - Professor Gordon Campbell Gordon will explain the 'genesis' of the King James Bible and will explore its influence on the development of the English language. Wednesday March 21st 7.30 pm Rutland County Museum Friends AGM - Followed by 'Dinosaurs and Museums' - a talk by Dr David Unwin The renewal of the dinosaur exhibit in the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, the challenges this presented and the impact it had on the museum, visitor attendance and other aspects. Wednesday April 4th 7.30 pm Uppingham School - Bryan Matthews Lecture 'What Makes a Bargain' - Professor Steven King Please click here for full details Wednesday April 18th 7.30 pm Rutland County Museum 'Grass Roots Archaeology: New Insights into the Development of Historic Buildings in two East Anglian Communities' - Dr Adam Longcroft Over the past 8 years the Norfolk Historic Buildings Group (NHBG) has undertaken long-term systematic analyses of two communities which have succeeded in shedding new light onto the development of vernacular architecture in rural and urban contexts from the medieval period through to the nineteenth century. Dr Adam Longcroft, a senior lecturer at the University of East Anglia (and Chairman of the NHBG) will share the fruits of this research whilst highlighting the very real value of community-based 'grass-roots' archaeology of this kind. Wednesday May 16th 7.30 pm Rutland County Museum RLHRS AGM Followed by 'The Medieval Feet of Fines for Rutland and their importance in local history' -  Dr Bridget Wells-Furby An introduction to the feet of fines for the county between 1195 and 1485 with some indications of their significance as a source for local history and the way they illustrate wider trends in landholding in medieval England Wednesday June 20th 7.30 pm Rutland County Museum 'A Role for Volunteer Archivists?' - Nigel and Caroline Webb Members of Oakham Decorative and Fine Arts Society spend one day a month at Wigston and in Oakham Museum helping with the conservation and cataloguing of collections of local historical importance, some of which are not yet accessible to the public. Nigel and Caroline Webb will raise questions about the potential for practical help by amateurs to overstretched archivists, and will illustrate their talk with examples including some from the papers of Sir Roger Conant, M.P., and the Royce Papers. Wednesday July 18th 7.30 pm Rutland County Museum 'Shopping in Rutland in the Middle Ages - luxuries and the everyday' - Professor Christopher Dyer We often imagine that most medieval people lived on their own produce and did not do much shopping. It is often said that the towns provided mainly luxuries for the rich. We will see that the evidence points to another conclusion. A few traders and craftsmen catered for the upper crust of wealthy consumers, but most of them were providing the everyday needs of ordinary people. Saturday August 2012 11th 7.30 pm Oakham Castle - The Tennants Lecture On the coat tails of Lord Elgin - Collecting the Grand Tour - Marc Allum Full details will be posted shortly, in the mean time why not visit the web site hosted by Marc Allum There will be a charge for this meeting.
Wednesday October 19th 7.30 pm Rutland County Museum 'Metal Detecting in Leicestershire' - Dr Phil Harding Wednesday November 16th 7.30 pm Rutland County Museum 'Dirty Teeth and Archaeology' - Anita Radini This talk will introduce to the study of 'ancient dental calculus', in other word mineralized dental plaque, also known as tartar. Dental calculus forms as consequence of poor oral health and hygiene, and, as pathology, affected an average of 70% of Medieval population: this turned out to be very good for archaeologists! During its formation, in fact, several types of microscopic food debris and other particles are trapped into the matrix of the calculus, preserving a new and important line of evidence for archaeologist to investigate not only diet by people living condition in the past. Trapping microscopic debris from pollen, to moulds, to starch granules and even microscopic charcoal fragments, dental calculus represent a completely new way to look at the people past diet and environments. This talk will tell you all about it! Wednesday December 7th 7.00 pm Oakham Castle George Phillips and Tony Traylen Built Environment Awards: Presented by Tim Clough To be followed by: 'Oakham Castle: Recent Archaeological Survey Results' - Dr Richard Sheppard Details to follow
We are very sorry to inform you that this presentation has been Cancelled due speaker illness