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No 1: Domesday Book in Rutland: the dramatis personae - Item currently out of stock by Prince Yuri Galitzine (1986) Download FOC draft pdf No 2: The Oakham Survey 1305 - Item currently out of stock - Download FOC draft pdf ed. by Allen Chinnery (1988). Medieval survey: population: occupations; topography: customs, and personal /place- name evidence. No 3:The Rutland Hearth Tax 1665 - Item currently out of stock ed. by Jill Bourne & Amanda Goode (1991). Population details and payment information for every household in each village and town, with an introduction. No 4: The History of Gilson's Hospital, Morcott - Item currently out of stock by David Parkin (1995). The story of this small charity, founded in 1612 and still operating, its almshouse, trustees, clerks, agents and beneficiaries, and its farm at Scredington, Lincs; foundation deed; George Gilson and his will. No 5: Lyndon, Rutland. A Guide by Charles Mayhew (1999). - Item currently out of stock The Village Scene, St Martin's Church, Church Restorations, William Whiston and Thomas Barker, Lyndon Today. No 6: The History of the Hospital of St John the Evangelist and of St Anne in Okeham - Item currently out of stock by David Parkin (2000). Published to celebrate the still-flourishing 600-year old charity, founded in 1399 and revived in 1597: its history, chapel and archives; schedules of trustees and beneficiaries. No 7: The 1712 Land Tax for Rutland, with Poll Book for 1710 edited by T H McK Clough (2005). Introduction by Dennis Mills; editorial commentary on this rare Land Tax survival and the 1710 poll book; transcripts for each parish (prepared by the Village Studies Group for Rutland); indexes of clergy, trades, field and place names, personal names. Click here to read review - (A4 paperback, 68pp. £1.00, members £1.00, UK postage & packing £2.00). No 8: Common Right and Private Interest: Rutland’s Open Fields and their Enclosure by Ian Ryder September (2006) History of the county’s common fields in the context of agricultural development through the centuries, explaining the factors that caused them to be enclosed, with case studies of Greetham, Lyddington, Caldecott & Uppingham, and Thorpe-by-Water, estate maps and photographs, as well as transcripts of some relevant archives. There is a full listing of the sequence of enclosure for each Rutland parish, and there are subject, place and personal name indexes. (A4 paperback, 80pp. £1.00, members £1.00, UK postage & packing £2.00). No 9: Who Owned Rutland in 1873? Rutland Entries in Return of Owners of Land 1873 by T H McK Clough (2010). Transcript of the Rutland section of the 1873 Return of Owners of Land, with notes on most of the 563 entries. Analysis of who they were, where they came from and what they did. Special sections on Lyddington parish and on a mysterious group of small landowners with strong Gloucestershire connections. Illustrations, many tables, index of addresses. Click here for detailed description - (A4 paperback, 60pp. £7.50, members £6.00, UK postage & packing £2.00). No. 10: Medieval Property Transactions in Rutland - Abstracts of Feet of Fines 1197-1509 - Publication November/December Edited by Bridget Wells-Furby The medieval feet of fines in The National Archives record local property transactions. Arising originally in the late 12th century from legal disputes over land, the format was quickly adopted as the most secure form of property transfer. They continued to be couched in the same legal terminology long after that background became a mere fiction. Click here for detailed description - (A4 paperback £10.00, members £8.00, UK postage & packing £2.50). No. 11: John Barber’s Oakham Castle and its archaeology Compiled and edited by Elaine Jones and Robert Ovens Oakham Castle is one of England’s most important Romanesque vernacular buildings, it has been undergoing refurbishment following the award of a £2m grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. In the 1950s, John Barber carried out excavations adjacent to the Great Hall of Oakham Castle with the assistance of boys from Oakham School, where he was a master. Circumstances conspired against his being able to produce a detailed excavation report at the time, but he subsequently wrote extensive notes about the Great Hall and the castle site. Click here for detailed description - (Out of Print, Select here to read online). No. 12: Oakham Lordshold in 1787: a map and survey of Lord Winchilsea’s Oakham estate Edited by T H McK Clough A very detailed and accurate map of Oakham and four field books in the Finch MSS in the Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester & Rutland give an unparalleled view of the extent and nature of the town in the late 18th century, before enclosure of the parish. The map is fully described and interpreted, and the primary field book is transcribed. The topography of the town and its properties are discussed, as are the people mentioned both in the field books and in the Oakham entry in the Universal British Directory of 1791. The map is the earliest detailed plan known, and can be used to suggest the medieval form of the town, with its church and castle. (A4, 104pp, colour, with index. £10.00 (members £7.50). UK postage & packing £2.50). 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