Manor Court Roll (Langham 1546 pg 84)
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Manor of Okeham View of Frankpledge with Court of the honourable gentleman Lord Gregory Crumwell and Lady Elizabeth his consort held in the same place on the penultimate day of April in the thirty eighth year of the reign of Henry viii by the grace of god King of England,France and Ireland, defender of the faith etc. and supreme head on earth  of the English and Irish Church[1546]
Tithingmen of Langham in the same place John Balle,John Dale,Robert Corbe and John Gilborn Jurors. Who say that the free tenants in the same place give to the lord a fine in the same place for the whole year for being released from suit of Court every three weeks to the feast of St.Michael next just as appears fully in the Rolls of the Court.
Tasters of ale             Amercements iiiid Thomas Neyle: sworn. Who says upon his oath that the wife of Humfrey Cotton (iiiid) is a common brewer of ale and sells ale by an illegal measure unstamped. Therefore she is in the mercy of the lord just as is clear above etc.
Constables in the same place William Dikman and Thomas Barkbe: Sworn Who say upon their oath that they have nothing to present on this day etc.
Headboroughs in the same place John Ball William Sharpe Robert Ives John Smithe William Pittes Thomas Ball Richard Dikman Richard Broune Gregory Hubberd Humfrey Cotton William Ball Senior Richard Roose
Who say upon their oath that the Tithingmen,Tasters of ale and Constables aforesaid well and loyally presented in every thing which they said previously etc. And there is an ordinance that no cottager in the same place should take anyone to live with him under one house and beams unless he should have four wagon-loads of firewood of his own within his garden, under penalty for each of vis viiid forfeit to the lord etc. And likewise a penalty is imposed that no inhabitant within this town from the feast of the Assumption of the blessed virgin Mary next thenceforward should not place or tether any mare with colt within the Field of corn under penalty for each of iiis iiiid forfeit to the lord etc.