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Langham Remembers Them By Brenda Burdett Published in 2014 by Langham Village History Group ISBN 978190097041 Price £5.00 Available from Rutland County Museum, local book shops, or the Group’s website The Langham book was created as part of an Arts Council England funded project to increase engagement with the museums and heritage of Rutland. In this it succeeds not by just repeating the work of George Phillips in Rutland and the Great War, but by drawing upon folk memory within the village, and additional material, to give a more comprehensive record of those men from Langham who fought in the First World War. Indeed, this is a much more complete and interesting record than ever Phillips attained. It gives a contextual background to the war itself before giving an illustrated biography of each soldier, including one not mentioned on the war Memorial. In the concluding pages of this small handsomely produced fifty-four page hardback, the story of the construction and dedication of the Langham war memorial is recorded together with a list of those who lost their lives in the Second World War. This surely is the next project for Rutland villages: to record the lives of service men and women from the local community who served in the Second World War and who don't have a book such as Rutland and the Great War, or indeed sometimes any village war Memorial to commemorate them. Hilary J Crowden