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Belton History Society Journal Volume 6 Edited by Audrey and Philip Walker Published in 2015 by the Society - Softbound - 56 pages – A4 Price £7 from local bookshops and Rutland County Museum, or contact the Society at Belton History Society are to be congratulated on producing yet another Journal, launched at Belton Village Hall on Sunday 13th December 2015, which is full of interest and information, with articles that will surely appeal to many. Topics include: Belton’s Open Field System The Great Air Race of 1911 using the censuses in local history research updates to the Society’s Belton at War journal (vol 4) emigration from Belton Littleworth Wardley Hill local archaeology the inns and alehouses in Belton and Allexton. Apart from being such an enjoyable read - I remember well the walk with my parents down to the ‘Bridge Foot’ at Allexton and the resulting red lips after drinking the Vimto, and searching for the blue salt packet in my crisps - it is an extremely useful resource for local historians. I look forward to the next publication in this series. Sheila Sleath